Indoor Bowls

Meets each Thursday night at 7pm. Names in by 6:15pm. A list is displayed on the bowls notice board near the change kiosk to put your names down for these evenings.

Games are played in the Princess Room upstairs. Prizes are given to winners and runner-up teams. The annual fee is $2.00 per person per year.

Annual championships are played between March and November. Entrants must have played 12 games during the past 12 months. At present there are no entrance fees for the championship games.

We have inter-club days held on Sundays both at Sawtell and visits to other clubs. The aim of the club is to have social bowls and a happy evening.

The game of indoor bowls, ( also known as carpet bowls), is played on a green mat 9.144 m x 1.828m. The rules and laws are as per the Australian Indoor Bias Bowls Council rule book.

If you have never played before someone will be able to tell you about the game and teach the basics.

Further information may be obtained from the:indoor-bowls

1.President – John Nealand Ph. 02 6653 2032

2. Secretary – Colleen Edwards Ph. 02 6653 3274

3. Vice President – Frank Law Ph. 02 6658 9594

4. Treasurer – Kath Bowes – 02 6658 6214