The ‘LOVE ‘N’ LIES’ tour brings together two of Australia’s award winning and leading female country singer-songwriters, Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt with special guest opener, Fanny Lumsden. The new leading ladies of country will perform their own sets of hits and favourites and join each other on stage for special duets and collaborations in a 2 hour show that will have you embrace their cheeky wit, sassy style and take the you on a musical and lyrical journey through all the emotions, from laughter to tears. Releasing her 5th studio album HAPPY EVER AFTER in September 2016, Golden Guitar Winner (2015) and CMC Female Artist of the Year (2015/2016), Amber Lawrence has risen to the top of the charts and country music in Australia not only through her amazing talent, but also through sheer determination – she is often referred to as one of the hardest working artist’s in the industry. Over the course of her career, Amber has received no less than 10 major awards, performed over 300 free schools concerts, toured the country relentlessly and performed at all the major festivals. She is an ambassador for Cruisin’ Country, DefenceCare, the Stroke Foundation, News Limited’s “We’re for the West” campaign, and more recently featured in the Weetbix and New South Wales Rural Fire Service campaigns. Always spreading her wings, Amber will be launching her weekly country radio program “Amber Nights” on iHeart radio in October 2016.

Catherine Britt has a voice that instantly gets your attention and holds you whilst you experience her craftsmanship as a singer, songwriter and storyteller. By the age of 14, Catherine released her debut EP and thereafter spent six years in Nashville, where she toured relentlessly and reached the Top 40 Country Billboard chart and to this day is the youngest artist to perform at the famous Grand Ole Opry at age 17. Catherine has released 5 studio albums and a ‘Best Of’ and has received the honours of 2009, 2013 & 2016 CMAA Golden Guitar Female Artist of the Year, 2012 CMAA Golden Guitar Single of the Year, as well as APRA Award and CMC Artist of the Year nominations. Every one of Catherine’s 6 album releases has been nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Country Album, which is the first for any Australian Country artist. In 2010, Catherine was presented with the coveted CMA Global Artist of the Year award. She has performed and recorded with the likes of Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Sir Elton John, Don McLean, Chris Isaak, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Guy Clark and Keith Urban to name but a few. Broadening her horizons, Catherine has also hosted ABC Saturday Night Country, CMC’s ‘Alt Country’ program and is now the Managing Editor & Owner of Australia’s ONLY Roots Music Magazine – Rhythms. Opening the show is special guest, Fanny Lumsden is ‘a breath of fresh country air’ according to Rolling Stone Magazine and has been coined ‘Australia’s answer to Americana’ by Rhythms Magazine. Her debut album ‘Small Town Big Shot came in at #6 on the Country ARIA Chart, #15 on the AIR Chart and has gained critical acclaim along with reaching #1 on the CMC chart for 3 weeks, a nomination for CMC New Oz Artist of the Year, and a sold out Country Halls Tour.

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Kick yer shoes off, put yer hoe-down & hang on to yer britches!

2016 Golden Guitar Finalists for “Rabbit in a Log” – Bluegrass Recording of the year!

2017 Golden Guitar Finalists for “Cumberland Gap” – Bluegrass Recording of the year!

Festival favourites, the Hillbilly Goats exude an undeniable passion for mountain music, the instruments and the harmonies.  Their mission is to strip back the layers of modern music and transport you on a journey that began centuries ago when the immigrants first settled in the Appalachian Mountains of America.  These guys aren’t just a band – they’re a show!

Their recordings paint a picture of traditional songs from 1710 through to the 1940’s with a high energy quirky edge.  Featuring Banjo, Bones, Double Bass, Fiddle, Tap Dancing, 3 part Harmonies and more, there is a tale told of the history of Mountain Music’s evolution into Blues, Country & Bluegrass.

Their 3rd studio album, “Down Foggy Mountain”, recorded & produced by Nash Chambers (Paul Kelly, Jimmy Barnes, Archie Roach, Kasey Chambers), has reached recent success with 2 CMAA Nominations.   “Rabbit in a Log” was nominated for Bluegrass Song of the year 2016, and their second single, “Cumberland Gap” has been nominated in the same category for the 2017 Golden Guitars.  This album further stamps the musical twist on traditional songs The Hillbilly Goats are famous for with big harmonies and a heavy presence of hard fiddle and fast harmonica.

Their previous album reviews in the Weekend Australian and several music magazines not only rave about their recordings, but their stage presence has been labelled “more driving and energetic than the less traditional shows seen on main stages of Australian country festivals.” (Alex Turnbull, Capital News).  The band members are never satisfied with their own instruments and continually swap over and change positions on stage – you won’t know where to look or who to watch!

A dedicated fan base has seen them voted into first place 3 years running for the Cairns Timeout Awards as “best NQ band” 2012-14, as well as finalists in the Tamworth People’s Choice Awards 2014.  Another competition landed them on the main stage at the Official Opening Concert for the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which was an awesome way to kick-start 2015 – YEAR OF THE GOAT!

Whether it’s a sit down dinner show or a flat out festival set, the Hillbilly Goats are renowned for their “entertainment” value.  Combining song with stories of Mountain Music’s history has proved a marketable success that sees their show advancing through the festival ranks.

So, if you’re still a Goat Virgin and haven’t seen the Hillbilly Goats yet, check them out and see what all the fuss is about.  They sure know how to Raise A Ruckus and you are guaranteed to be entertained – OLD TIME STYLE!

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“A tribute to the music of Celine Dion” starring award winning vocalist RIA.

Anyone who may be thinking that a Celine Dion Tribute Show is just a show filled with ballads only, then all we can say is, think again.

This show is structured on the same song selection as Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show and if you haven’t seen video clips of her live show, we encourage you to do so and go on YouTube and see why her performances, her enormous popularity  and her huge appeal has made her the highest paid entertainer in Las Vegas.


“Our tribute to the music of Celine Dion show” not only includes her biggest hits such as The Power of Love, My heart will go on, All by myself & others, but also some of her up tempo hits like River Deep Mountain High, I drove all night, That’s the way it is and many  more.  Our show also includes some cover songs that Celine performs in her live shows, featuring duet performances with Ria and our special guest artists, Christine and Ross. Ria also performs a replica of the Celine and Frank Sinatra on screen duet, which can only be described as magical.

Ria’s fabulous stage costumes are simply stunning.


It takes an artist with passion, class, a big set of lungs and a big heart to pull off a Celine tribute show and Ria, the star of our show, embodies all of those qualities.

The show has 7 people on stage with rhythm section, two keyboard players with multiple keyboards to produce a big sound, a backing vocalist, a compare, plus a fabulous visual show. This show can only be described as BRILLIANT and is the only Celine Dion Tribute show of this nature in Australia.


Adam Brooke


Winter Warm Up


Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley

“Winter Warm Up Tour”









For a limited number of dates throughout June and July 2017, husband and wife, Adam Eckersley and  Brooke McClymont will team up for a very rare and special tour as a duo, they are calling the tour the “Winter Warm Up Tour” “it’s going to be winter when we hit the road and we plan to spread some warmth wherever we go, we love playing music together” Brooke says “but rarely get the opportunity to, but it has worked out that both Adam and I have some time to do some shows so we thought we’d jump at it” she adds, the two have both had huge careers in their own right with The McClymonts (10 times Golden Guitar winners, 2 times ARIA winners) celebrating 10 years together in 2016. January 2017 saw the release of their much anticipated 5th album titled “Endless” which launched at number 1 on the ARIA Country Chart and also saw the first single titled “House” reach number 1 on both CMC and the Australian Music Network Chart, The McClymonts are soon to be finishing up an extensive and almost fully sold out National tour which started in January.

Adam has also been busy with the Adam Eckersley Band (2 time Golden Guitar winners, 1 time APRA Country song of the year winner) having completed their first European tour in September 2016 where they played 22 shows in 34 days across 5 countries, “it was a great experience, we went over with no expectations but we were blown away by the response we received” Adam said. AEB are now heading back into the studio with Grammy award winning producer Nick DiDia to start work on their 3rd album which is planned to release later in 2017

So in a rare stroke of luck the two love birds (who recently celebrated 7 years married) are available at the same time as each other for a limited amount of dates and have decided to hit the road together to bring us an intimate night of music, “we’re not too sure when the next opportunity will be for us to play shows together so we plan to make the most of it while we can” Adam said, “we love playing these up close and personal acoustic shows” Brooke adds “we can have a good laugh and chat with each other and the audience too which is great fun” adds Adam. So if you are a lover of songs and good times don’t miss one of these very special performances.

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Wendy Matthews









The High Tides of Wendy Matthews

By Morbid Molly

An unwavering, unexplainable urge to create, to muse, to convey…the musician, true musician, that is holds these values to the core placing fan and show at top priority when they share their talents with the world.  This is why we are privy to such a vast, rich culture within the music industry and why we are able to connect with incredibly talented musicians, like Wendy Matthews.

With an extraordinary wanderlust and spirited, gypsy vibe to her life Wendy seemingly has done it all, and then some.  Jingles, voice overs, firsts, lasts and everything imaginable in between and yet she is down to earth, real and one Hell of a talent!  It is hard to believe with a friends list of the who’s who of a vast array of genres, like Cher, The Little River Band, Sarah McLachlan, Rod Stewart and more.  But Wendy knew as an old-soul of four years old that music was her calling, a simple, divine truth that resonates in her life and music today.

“…It’s taken time to push through some personal barriers, I’m not a natural exhibitionist; I just loved music and singing.”

Heading into decades (with a plural) within the industry, a magnificent feat in itself, Wendy has progressed with the grace, humility and passion to grow as an individual and artist.  With more than humble roots, drawing from her passion for the Beatles in her toddler-hood, Wendy was almost pulled into the music industry from first step into the world and spurned on by her adventures of busking and travelling.

“Music is my form of expression so I don’t have much choice…” Wendy’s globe-trotting, musical mission led her straight into the arms of the industry, even if the path was slightly twisted and detoured along the way, or if you ask Wendy, “They were great adventures.”  Even so, she was torn by her love for the freedom and experience and her desire to find the path that would result in a pure, unadulterated happiness from within.

“I left Canada at 16 and a music ‘career’ was not on my mind at all. After busking for a year, I ended up in Los Angeles where I lived for 7 years and although I had some weird and wonderful adventures and worked with some amazing people, much of that was not what I wanted either.”

Whole picture, Wendy is a fairly open book but one that could take on a life of its own, requiring volumes instead of simple chapters.  From busking to LA and beyond, Wendy has done massive touring dates with some of the hottest in the industry, had many an accolade, headed some major bands (Models & Absent Friends), hit the ARIA charts and become a nationally treasured artist, met and worked alongside Japan’s treasure, Hiroshi Sato, as well as Aussie legend Glenn Shorrock (The Little River Band), been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, toured with Sarah, Rod and Cher…and this was still not even close to being within the prime of her career with her career still in full stride!

Wendy has also never been a slave to the genre machine, choosing to utilize the incredible diversity of the encompassing music community to enhance and transcend, bringing to light amazing collaborations in all niches, and creating under a different umbrella of sound and soul with her acoustic album and works since.  With the whispers of the song origins, Wendy says, “”To keep creative you have to break down your own personal barriers. With this record that meant moving away from pop and crafting something instrument-driven, something that feels like me playing live.”  With the likes of U2 and

Massive Attack as inspiration, and Wendy’s phenomenal voice you simply couldn’t get any better!

Wendy’s mentality is that she will continue to grow and evolve with the industry and within the vast scope of her music. She has never firmly held to stylistic confines, with her career spanning a multi-faceted range of genres, but she truly holds value to her own vision of true music and the dynamic of her band…and the curtain hasn’t fallen yet.  Amazingly Wendy also spearheads an important facet of the industry and fosters new talent and makes music her own way with her independent label and brain-child, Barking Bear…there truly is no limit!

If depth of character comes from experience, then I do believe that Wendy Matthews is a textbook definition if I have ever seen one.  Make no mistake that Wendy has worked her ass off in her career and in her life, but she has seen and experienced what others can only dream.  The 80’s were fantastic, heading up what has become decades worth of memories, the 90’s collaborations, change and growth, and the opportunity to form her own solo career… and now the evolution and culmination of everything that she has worked so hard to achieve.

“One can always think of a purely utopian life and feel you’re missing out but I don’t feel that… Of course it changes over time, but I feel I tell stories and we’re all in this together so I just have to hope there are people who can relate. For me, music heals and helps and moves the maker and the listener.”

With a close-knit relationship with her friends, bandmates, peers and fans, there is a rather utopian vibe to her life and career, and the melodic expression that is her voice.  “Extraordinary, crystal-clear vocals […] a soulfulness that was the mark of a truly gifted singer” says rock historian Ian McFarlane, and I cannot agree more! As for the future?  Wendy has lead a charmed life of sorts, living the dream of doing what she loves, on her own terms so whatever the future holds, there is a magic on the horizon and she is “Super Excited!”.  The Sydney Opera House, collaborations, touring and a passion that Wendy has chosen to share with the world, “I’ve had a love of silver, mostly Navajo jewelry, all my life so I’ll be putting out a WM collection.”

Could it get any better from this lovely example of passion, strength, talent and …well kick ass women?  Sure, and we are lucky enough to be able to support her every step of the way. After all, what are fans for?